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BOBBY: Plays the flute and whistle and on rare occasions feels moved to give a blast on the saxophone. She has also written a few tunes and songs. As a flautist she has been trained to stand on one leg for an entire performance.

ELINOR: Remarkably accomplished melodeonist who plays with ease and enviable sensitivity. John Kirkpatrick told her that she “….played like an angel” (Colchester Arts Centre, 7th Feb 2011).

JOHN: Is an experienced guitarist and singer, who has played both solo, duo and with bands over a number of years. He plays a VERY loud acoustic 6 string Zemaitis, which is one of the few guitars that can hold its own against a melodeon…… without amplification!

KEVI: Sometimes returns to the band to either deputise or augment. Her violin style and the “KEGS" sound fit well together.


Band Profile

KEGS were formed in 1994 by Elinor and Stuart Moffat along with Kevi May and Geoff Coombs. It was from the initials of these four that the name KEGS was derived. Bobby Moffat joined the band in 2000 taking the place of Kevi and Geoff, with John Miners coming along in 2016, replacing Stuart.