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In 1998 KEGS made a cassette album called “The Reverend Greenish” on Glenthorn Music label, GLN004.  This recording contains traditional and contemporary music and has three Tom Petty songs and a Tracey Chapman song hidden about its person. Guest musicians Dave Shepherd and Jon May can be heard on a couple of tracks.  

In 2007 KEGS released a C.D. called “Miss Scarlettuce” also on Glenthorn music GLN006. This recording consisted of original material and was well received and highly praised.

Sample Tracks:

What’s Her Story

Bob’s Dream

Suite des iles

In 2011 KEGS released their third recording “The Professor’s Plums” on Glenthorn music GLN012. The groups most accomplished recording to date, you can listen to three tracks via this website.

Place your cursor over the image below to read a review of The Professor’s Plums which appeared in the Jan/Feb 2012 edition of R2 Magazine