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A respected band of longstanding and impeccable pedigree who have played for concerts, festivals, folk clubs, weddings, ceilidhs, garden parties, and much more.

2024 Marks the 30th Anniversary of KEGS
KEGS instruments are:- melodeon, flute/whistle, fiddle/recorder and guitar.

KEGS repertoire is extensive and eclectic, drawing upon the international folk tradition and pop culture, as well as self penned music and original songs.  

KEGS are renowned for their interesting arrangements and tight sound.

Kegs band members
ely folk festival 2024
Band Profile
Left to right standing, Elinor, Karen, Kevi.
Sitting Bobby and Anna
ELINOR, KEVI AND BOBBY started their public performing pre-teens busking at major folk festivals with a festival charity tin.

STUART’S first public performance was in the folk club in The White Hart at Grays when he was 15.
ELINOR - Melodeon & Vocals
Remarkably accomplished melodeon player. She plays Saltarelle “Le Bouebe” melodeons with enviable sensitivity. She is a founder member of the band. Previous band was Poor Man’s Pig. John Kirkpatrick told her she “ – played like an angel “
BOBBY- Flute, Whistle, Saxophone & Vocals
Plays the flute and whistle with a natural skill – although not simultaneously, and sometimes plays the saxophone. She has also written some lovely songs.
KEVI - Fiddle, Recorder & Vocals
Plays the fiddle and the recorder with equal style and proficiency. She is also a founder member and is from a musical Essex family, her father and uncle both being musicians.
STUART - Guitar & Vocals
Has developed a style of playing the guitar through many years as a solo-singer-songwriter that nicely complements whichever musicians he is playing with. He was also a member of Bass Instincts and The Ceilidh Allstars.  
KEGS  were formed in 1994 by Kevi, Elinor, Geoff and Stuart. It was from the initials of these four that the name KEGS was derived. Bobby replaced Geoff when he left, but the band decided not to change the name to 'KEBS' as it just didn't sound right!

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